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Breaking Down The Sin Problem
There is a diabolical threat that looms over humanity that is more sinister than our worst known diseases. Unlike some of the diseases that threaten health and well being that can be cured by modern medicine, this threat has no cure within the annals of scientific medicine. Complicating the issue is the fact that this threat is not outside of our bodies, but it is inside of our bodies. It is something that we were all born with, it is something that we can do nothing to prevent, and if left untreated it is fatal. The awesome thing is that although this threat is immune to modern medicine, it is not immune to the blood of Jesus Christ. What is this threat? It is called sin. Yes, we were all born with it but unlike some of our modern diseases that are resistant to treatment, the cure for this threat to spiritual life and physical well being works 100% of the time for every human being. This is a powerful word from the Lord that will bless your life.

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Wait For The Next Word
It is often difficult to wait in silence, wait without instructions or clear direction. Often time, although some of these seasons are self-imposed, sometimes they are also God ordained. Sometimes these seasons are allowed by God to cleanse our lives of everything that is a hinderance or an obstructions to his divine and perfect plan. Israel found themselves in a situation just like this, but the propmise of God was that although they had encountered some delays, some set-backs and some obstructions, they would eventually arrive safely in the promise land. God has the same prophecy for us today. If we will be still and not complain while in our season of delay and wailt for the next instruction from God, we will arrive safely at our place of promise. This is a prophetic word that will encourage and strength your life while you wait for the promise of God.

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Make A Joyful Noise
The Psalm is a book that contains many precious gems for encouragement, consolation, affirmation, and the list goes on. The Psalm is also rich with instructions for how we are to worship God and the attitude that we should have when we come into the presence of God. Sometimes because of our overly-spiritual view of God, we fail to see the practical side of God. We fail to see that God is a passionate God and wants our worship experience to be filled with the kind of excitement, emotion and passion that is demonstrated in the sound of a joyful noise. In fact, God is very comfortable in the presence of a joyful noise and emphatically command us to incorporate this characteristic into our worship experience. This is an awesome revelation that will change your outlook toward praise and worship forever.

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Will The True Worshiper Please Stand Up
God’s ways are often an ignima to us because his ways are so above our ways, and his thought are so far above our thoughts. God often chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Scripture reveals that God often chose on purpose to use those situations that appear humanly impossible, those individuals who appear to be without hope, and strategies that appear absolutely ridiculous to accomplish his perfect will, in order to bring him the most glory. This assures us that we can never look at where a person is in their present to determine what they will be in their future. God used an unsuspecting, simple and cowardly man from the weakest tribe in Israel and the least in his family, named Gideon, one that no one would have expected to accomplish anything great, to achieve a supernatural victory for Israel over their enemy. The truth of this anointed word from the Lord will be a blessing to you.

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